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Climate drivers, such as the Indian Ocean Dipole, are an entirely natural phenomenon, but climate change is modifying the behaviour of these climate modes.

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Researchers collecting coral core samples.

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Indian Ocean phenomenon spells climate trouble for Australia

The Indian Ocean's surface temperatures are changing, putting southeast Australia on course for increasingly hot and dry conditions.

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Sure, save furry animals after the bushfires – but our river creatures are suffering too

After the bushfires, donations flooded in for our iconic mammals. But there’s a risk the government and public responses will not see the fish for the koalas.

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Science Communication Graduate Outcomes Webinar

Join us for an Graduate Outcomes webinar on Science Communication.

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Pathfinder: the journey to now

Join us for Pathfinder, a breakfast mentoring event featuring undergraduate and postgraduate panel discussions, where you will hear from our experienced alumni who were in your shoes not so long ago.